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Why a Wounded Housing Market Refuses to Heal – Daily Reckoning

The housing market does not exist in a vacuum. It has always been connected – albeit not too strongly – to certain long-term macroeconomic trends, such as employment, for example. Nevertheless.

Mish rebuts Neil Barsky’s comments that the housing market is not headed towards a housing bubble and uses Toll Brothers as an example of housing prices.

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Low-rate pledge revives fears of hard reckoning for Canada’s housing market The prospect of lower-for-longer interest rates, needed to help a struggling economy, has revived fears of a potential.

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THE LONG AWAITED RECOVERY IN THE US HOUSING MARKET FEBRUARY 2017 "Real estate markets are amongst the most unstable and cyclical asset markets, exhibiting large amplitude cycles of 10-20 years. real estate constitutes a large fraction of the total wealth in

Real Estate. How the housing market has recovered, in 6 charts. By Brian O’Connor Posted: 06/23/16 Updated: 06/27/18. The truth is that money can be difficult to talk about and many financial issues are complicated to tackle. That’s why Chase and Vox Creative created the Five Essentials series.

Summary. The index was also lower than its prior year mark. The housing inventory shortage continues to take the blame, and there’s enough evidence to make the case. But maybe the supply shortage is symptomatic of a housing market that is still healing. The latest Pending Home sales index (phsi) was disappointing, and begs to question,

Why The Housing Market Recovery Needs Time. The problem in the housing market has many fronts, but the largest problem is not what many have been writing about in the large US newspapers. Most are blaming a tightened money supply and tougher lending standards, but that is only adding fuel to the fire of the real problem in the housing market.

Lending New home sales rise again, but questions still remain about housing market’s health October sales up nearly 19% over last year

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Why a Wounded Housing Market Refuses to Heal. President Obama crowed in his State of the Union speech about the economy, even mentioning "a rebounding housing market."