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Inside The Abandoned Coconut Grove Playhouse – Photos & Video

South Florida press agent Charlie Cinnamon stands near his photo at a 2007 reception for the opening. the publicist’s brainstorm to promote a production of Irma La Douce at the Coconut Grove.

On Mar 7 @CBSMiami tweeted: "Miami Historic Preservation Board votes .." – read what others are saying and join the conversation.

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Miami-Dade County sues Miami over coconut grove playhouse veto miami-dade county is suing the city of Miami for halting a long-planned renovation project for the historic Coconut Grove Playhouse. Read.

Florida Mortgage Fraud | Miami White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Inside The Abandoned Coconut Grove Playhouse – Photos & Video The historic but closed Coconut Grove Playhouse as it appeared in july 2011. peter andrew BOSCH miami herald file photo The fate of Miami-Dade County’s controversial plan to revive the historic.

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Inside The Abandoned Coconut Grove Playhouse – Photos & Video. Meet The Speaker: Lauren Siburkis, Digital Storyteller at FirstEnergy

Florida public relations guru Charlie Cinnamon was in a serious car accident, March 25th, while driving to his honoring at the 50 th Anniversary Celebration of the Coconut Grove Playhouse. this man.

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The show will go on for the Coconut grove playhouse located on the cusp of the Grove’s downtown retail district on Main Highway. It was announced early in 2014 that the Miami-Dade County $20 million bond set aside for the Playhouse restoration took effect, opening the doors for Florida International University (FIU) and the county to lease the Playhouse from the State of Florida.